Who is Four Legs and Fur

Logo - Shaded but no wordsFour Legs and Fur Animal Society was incorporated on February 11, 2015 to address the skyrocketing number of starving and neglected animals in Hickory County.  Our focus is to get as many cats and dogs spayed and/or neutered as possible; to help those unable to do so to feed their companions so they can remain at home; and to act as a key resource for solving companion animal problems in Hickory County.

How We Do this:  There are a number of programs we have established:

  • We have partnered with area vets and other shelter resources to provide a low-cost (and no-cost with application documentation) spay and neuter program for the community, because we believe that preventing unwanted litters of cats and dogs is critical to eliminating the more than 140,000 companion animals that are euthanized each year in Missouri.
  • We are working to become the “go-to” resource for the community as it it relates to companion animals, whether it is assisting in providing pet food to homes in need or sourcing information that will help pet owners have a more successful and happy life with their cats and/or dogs.
  • We volunteer with the McCarty Senior center’s Meals on Wheels pet food program.  To-date we have bagged over 1000 pounds of food and distributed it to seniors to help them in stretching their budget so they can keep their animals.
  • We also accept and then distribute donations of cat and dog food to others who are unable to provide for to their pets due to income loss, disability limitations or other problems.
  • We act as a liaison between owners looking to re-home an animal for whatever reason, and adopters looking to take an animal in, with over fifteen dogs and cats finding their “furever” homes in that way.
  • Lastly, we are developing a future network of foster homes which will take in and socialize the animals who need care until they can be permanently placed.

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WE ONLY EXIST BECAUSE OF YOUR GENEROUS DONATIONS.  No one is paid a salary.  100% of what you give keeps 4Legs and Fur operating and over 95% of it goes to provide food, care and low-cost spay & neutering of companion animals here in the county.  Every dollar helps, and the animals thank you!

We are always looking for donations of cash, Coke-Product bottle caps and boxed can codes, Best Choice UPC codes, canned and dry dog & cat food and supplies.  Please send these to our post office box or drop themoff at Gynemia’s Floral in Wheatland, Terry’s Designs in Galmey, The Index Newspaper in Hermitage, or Black Dog Rescue in Preston.

We are now a member of the Amazon Smile program.  If you link your account to us we will receive a small donation for each purchase you make without your being charged anything extra

And we now are a member of the Shop for a Cause program.

We have also partnered with several individuals to offer you other ways to shop that benefit Four Legs and Fur.  Please see our Donate / Shop section for some great products.

We are a 501(c)(3) fully-tax deductible organization, and you will receive our deepest thanks and a year-end tax receipt if you do.

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A BRIEF HISTORY:  Hickory County, Missouri, where Four Legs and Fur is located, is the fourth poorest county in the State, and Missouri is the 35th poorest state in the U.S.

Unfortunately, we are located at the crossroads of two major highways and adjacent to a third, all of which lead from major metropolitan areas.  Consequently, many people drive through, dropping off their unwanted animals in the mistaken belief that rural farm areas can absorb them more easily. This has resulted in the feral cat and dog population more than tripling!

Our Long-Term Goal:  To Develop several county-wide animal sanctuaries where unadoptable pets can live out their lives in safety with love; to build a top-quality no-kill shelter where animals that need temporary assistance and protection can be placed; and to develop a top-quality clinic where animals can be treated and vaccinated at a reasonable cost.  Obviously these will take much longer, since we are beginning from the ground up with a small group of dedicated volunteers, but we are confident all of our goals will eventually be met.

If you are interested in becoming a part of our organization, please contact us at info@4legsandfur.org or Post Office Box 173, Hermitage, Missouri 65668.  If interested in becoming part of our hoped-for future foster network, please email foster@4legsandfur.org, and for volunteering, please email volunteers@4legsandfur.org.