Buy Beautiful T-Shirts, Doggie Blankets and Scarves to Support our Cause!

Terry’s Designs in Galmey, Missouri has developed a number of wonderful items you can purchase that will go towards funding animal rescue, feeding and low-cost spay & neuter services in Hickory County, Missouri.  Prices shown below are for pick-up at Terry’s Designs.  If you want them shipped to you, please add $6 for one to two items; $10 for three.  Shown below are your various choices:

Picture - 4 Legs T-Shirt 1

FOUR LEGS & FUR T-SHIRT:  These come in just about any color you want, since they are custom printed for you, and can either have metallic print, as shown at left, or color upon color as show at right.   Picture - 4 Legs T-Shirt 2Price is $20.00, or if  you want crystals or other bling added, the cost is $25.



Picture - Pet Blanket 2

These are warm fleece pet blankets for your sweetie pie, and come in either 20 x 30 for $20 or 30 x 40 for $30.00.   In addition to the print shown, there is a faux zebra print, a plaid, one with cats, one with dogs, a leopard print and/or any solid color you desire, with the Four Legs and Fur Animal Society logo embroidered on it.

Picture - Scarf Fundraiser 2Want to stay stylishly warm and support animal rescue at the same time?  Then this comfy fleece scarf is for you!  It comes in any color combination of fleece and embroidery and cost just $15.

You can either pick up anything you like from this page at Terry’s Designs, or for your convenience, we’ve added a Paypal button below where you can pay for whatever you like.

PLEASE REMEMBER to add $6.00 for the first item, and $10 for any 2 or more items if you want them mailed to you, and also in the Paypal notes give us your address, as well as what you are ordering.  We appreciate your support!