In addition to the great list of sponsors who helped to make our First Annual Purses for Paws Auction such a success, there are several who provide on-going support every month to Four Legs and Fur, and we want to acknowledge them here:

ANIMAL CARE CLINIC:  Dr. Wendell and Darwina Stewart:  3580 South Springfield, Bolivar, MO. for providing a discount on veterinary and spay/neuter services.  http://www.animalcarebolivard.com/

INDEX NEWSPAPER: Trevor Vernon and Tabitha Pursley, Hermitage, MO
Website: https://www.vernonpublishing.com/Index/News:  For Promoting our events and activities

MAPLES BED AND BREAKFAST, Ricka and Doc Bill Matthews, Humansville, MO — Website: http://maplesbedandbreakfast.com/ and POLK SALAD ANNIE’S CAFE: Ricka and Doc Bill Matthews, Humansville, MO — Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Polk-Salad-Annies/116413125047549:  For providing regular spay & neuter clinic transportation assistance.

PHOTOGRAPHY BY SARAH MARIE:  Sarah Marie Fukula, for agreeing to photograph our adoptable animals and covering our events.  417.288.2642

POMME DE TERRE UNITED METHODIST CHURCH: Pastor Ellen Hoff, Carson’s Corner, MO — Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pdtumc: For providing meeting, storage and cooking space and promoting our events.