Four Legs tries to make its donation money stretch as far as it can.  Most of ours is currently going towards getting as many companion animals spayed and neutered as we have funds for, to provide food for people unable to feed their animals well themselves, and when funds allow, to providing needed vet care.

Consequently, we try not to spend money on other items, even though we really need them.  If you have any of these, no matter how small or little, would like to donate them to a VERY good cause, and get a tax-deductible receipt at the same time, we’d love your help:

  • An older, but in good running order Van we can use to transport our cats and dogs during our spay/neuter clinics and adoption fairs.
  • Easily-buildable, flat land with or without a vacant building we can convert into a permanent shelter and emergency veterinary clinic & doggy day care & grooming.
  • Metal shelves we can use to stack any canned cat or dog food on.
  • Gently-used or new collars and leashes of all sizes, both for animals we pick up and to give our fosters.
  • Cat or dog carriers, kennels and live animal traps.  Each cat or dog going to be spayed has to be separately crated.  And often frightened feral or lost animals have to be lured into being saved.
  • Blankets and sheets.  These are used in the kennels, to cover crates so animals stay calm, to cover the floor of people transporting their animals to a spay/neuter clinic; to provide bedding for adopted animals and many other uses.  They need to be clean, but not gorgeous.
  • Any size dry or canned cat and dog food, since we help our new adopters, as well as those unable to pay for food with those needs.
  • Good-condition dog and kitty food bowls of any size.
  • New chew bones.  Often new adoptions have a high anxiety level and bad teeth, and giving them real bones to chew helps them calm down, clean their gums and get them the calcium they need.
  • Soft dog beds in good condition of any size.  Senior dogs, especially, need some place warm and soft to rest their old bones.
  • Dog and cat play toys, cat condos and anything that will help a foster to have a more appropriate environment to socialize the animals under their care.
  • Stamps, legal-sized envelopes and/or printing paper to send out our newsletters.
  • Post-It Note pads for communicating with people and making sure we get counts and tickets correctly marked.
  • Recycled white newspapers for soaking up accidents, lining litter boxes and paper-training our new pups.
  • Best Choice UPC codes (we’ll trim them for you).
  • The bottle caps and/or cardboard box codes from Coke products, Powerade, Minute Made and/or Dasani 24-packs.

Everything except the recycled papers can be dropped off at Gynemia’s Floral on Highway 54 in Wheatland or Terry’s Designs on Highway 54 in Galmey.  Everything, including recycled newspapers can be dropped off at The Index Newspaper offices on the square in Hermitage, or at Big Black Dog Sanctuary in Preston (email info@4legsandfur.org for directions there).