Fees & Policies

ADOPTIONS:  We are NOT a shelter, and have nowhere to place animals at the present time.  We will try to help you find someone to adopt your pet if you need to re-home them, and will ask you complete an adoption application for our records.  However, you will deal directly with the owner of the animal you are adopting.

Please do not submit an application unless you plan on caring for the animal in question throughout it’s life, into old age and its passing over the Rainbow Bridge.  Just as you wouldn’t toss a child out when it grew inconvenient, our companion pets are not to be shuffled from house to house. If for some reason you are unable to keep your adopted pet, then please allow us to help it find a new permanent home.

FOSTER ASSISTANCE:  We are interested in developing a long-term foster-care based shelter system.  And if you are interested in being a part of that program, please do let us know at info@4legsandfur.org.  However, at the present time we do not have any participating foster care homes, so if you have animals that need placement, please refer to the list of no-kill shelters I’ve put up on a separate page.

LOW-COST SPAY/NEUTER & VETERINARY ASSISTANCE:  We have several vets that we work with, as well as a clinic and Dogwood Animal Shelter to provide reasonably prices spay and neuter services.  The costs to you are as follows:

  • If using a Dogwood Animal Shelter Voucher, which includes both the rabies and the FVRCP vaccination for cats or the DHLPP vaccination for dogs:  $25
  • If submitting a feral cat to be spayed or neutered:  $25.  This animal will be taken on a specified day, along with others, to a special clinic by one of the Four Legs and Fur transportation volunteers. This also includes the FVRCP & rabies vaccinations.  You will need to sign a release before we can take your cat under these circumstances.
  • If taking your cat or dog to one of of the Veterinary Clinics that are working with Four Legs & Fur, which include: Animal Care Clinic in Bolivar, Dr. Hale in Bolivar and/or Dr. Anstaedt in Warsaw:  $25 for spaying and $20 for neutering.
  • If taking your cat or dog to any other vet of your choice, unless they agree in advance to the reduced rates we have already negotiated, we will contribute $25 towards spaying, and $20 towards neutering.

Please note that all of these fees must be paid in advance, at which time we will issue you a voucher or authorization to take to the appropriate office.  Also note that the veterinarians OTHER than Dogwood and the feral cat clinic do not include vaccinations.

We also can sometimes help with other veterinary and food needs, depending upon your income status.  To document this, you will be sent an application that needs to be completed and returned to us, unless you are already personally known by one of the board members.  In addition, anyone receiving discounted (and especially free) services or food is expected to willingly participate in donating their time to helping us accomplish other goals, such as sending out our newsletter, organizing food, etc..

OVER THE RAINBOW BRIDGE:  For a one-time donation of $25, we will be happy to memorialize your beloved companion kitty or dog who has passed on.  Included, if you like, is a picture, their birth and passing dates and up to 6 lines of text talking about them.  Don’t know what to say?  We’ll help you.

SURRENDER:  Four Legs and Fur also exists to help companion animals throughout Hickory County and the surrounding area when possible.  Because it is important that these animals not be ping-ponged around from home to home, If you request our assistance in re-homing any of your animals, for any reason, that re-homing will be considered permanent, and the animal will NOT be returned to you.