Contact Us

The primary members of Four Legs and Fur are as follows:

  • JAN GERSTLAUER – President.  Email:
  • BERTA BRYNER – Vice President / Community Relations / General Volunteer Coordination.  Email:
  • TRACI BROWN – Secretary / Veterinarian / Spay & Neuter & Transport Coordinator.  Email:
  • KAMIA TAYLOR – Treasurer / Website.  Email:
  • JO ROSE – Board Member / Foster Care Coordinator,  Email:

Our general email address is and our mailing address is Post Office Box 173, Hermitage, Missouri 65668.  Our phone number is 417.722.4017.  This line is staffed with volunteers when they’re available, and they are also working with the pups at the sanctuary, so please let it ring a fair number of times before giving up.  Thanks!